Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rosenberg Library Recovers~

Many of our staff are back, and checking on our home library. Louise was checking on the books in the attic, department heads were planning and helping our core survivors, director John Augelli, Carol Wood and Michele Quinn.

Post Ike Rosenberg Library is in full recovery mode, with Service Masters and AMS contractors helping us to restore the first floor.

We checked on the library van, which is fine, pulled books from our book drop, over at the Moody Methodist Church, with one molded book: Water for Elephants! Of all the items we recovered, just this one had mold, with such an inauspicious title, filled with water, flooded with water, and... more water, everywhere. But, we do ask that our patrons, please hold on to your books. We will waive fines, and take into consideration water damage.

Girl with turtle, nicknamed Geraldine, was saved. She was filled with water, we had to get her drained, and our statue, too, survived.

Our skink, Rose, is also thriving, at the home of our Children's Librarian, Karen.

1. Basement windows survived, only some panes damaged.

2. Rosenberg Library's book drop and van

3. Girl without turtle statue, the aforementioned Geraldine

4. Side view of the Rosenberg Library, from the Ball Ave alley

5. Leather chair amongst debris on Ball Ave alley from the Rosenberg Library


Amanda (the librarian) said...

From somebody outside Galveston - can you tell me more about Geraldine?

Nikkie said...

"Geraldine" is officially "Turtles are a Girl's Best Friend." She is an epoxy statue that was donated to the Library in 1978.