Friday, March 13, 2009

Books Back on the Bolivar Peninsula

March 10, 2009

Books Back on the Bolivar Peninsula

Rosenberg library’s outreach services, the Extension Department, headed back to the Bolivar to resume providing books for young readers on the Bolivar Peninsula after Hurricane Ike. Crenshaw Elementary/Middle School received books for children and young adults. Although the Children’s Department at the Rosenberg Library has suffered damage, many new books have been purchased and are ready to be checked out by the students on the peninsula. Principal Bill Heuman and librarian Michael Guss have facilitated the return of the Rosenberg Library’s Extension Services. These books will supplement the library at Crenshaw School.

Taking the ferry across to the Bolivar Peninsula on Tuesday morning, Rosenberg library staff member, Marilyn delivered 30 children’s books and several young adult books. The landing on the peninsula was uneventful, some debris on the side of the roads, one house upside down, were noted, but, overall, the Bolivar seemed to be on the rebound.

At Crenshaw School, the elevators were not working, 48 students returned on February 4, 2009 and enrollment is now up to 68 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. Approximately 10 teachers have returned, with Principal Heuman and some administrative staff. The phone lines were not yet working, but, data lines have been restored, and staff can be contacted via email or cell phones.

Principal Heuman reported that the electrical systems were not damaged by the storm. The building is also housing the fireman in the band hall and the EMS staff in the dance hall. Of the 6,000 plus homes on the Bolivar, it seems there are only 1,000 or so remaining.

Rosenberg Library Extension Services delivered the books to the 6th grade students. Library staff left the young readers with some Caldecott, Bluebonnet and Coretta Scott King award winners. Most of the young adult books are for readers up to 8th grade level. The school librarian, Mr. Guss, recommended the Newbery Award winners, for the young teens along with scary, romantic, or mystery novels. Library staff selected and brought several over from the isle of Galveston’s Rosenberg Library.

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