Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Henry Rosenberg!

Rosenberg Library will celebrate the birth of Henry Rosenberg (6/22/1824), the library's namesake and benefactor. This year the library has adorned the bronze statue, located near the 23rd street east entrance, with a lei and party hat, provided by the Friends of the Rosenberg Library.

From the annals of Henry Rosenberg's red book, also known as: Henry Rosenberg, 1824-1893: to commemorate the gifts of Henry Rosenberg to Galveston. This book was published to commemorate the history of Henry's life and accomplishments and can be found at the Rosenberg Library.

From the preface to this book:

The people of Galveston honor the memory of Mr. Rosenberg; they are proud of him as a good citizen, and are grateful of heart for his fits and bequests. This has been shown by public honors and tributes in the days following his decease, by the annual celebration of Rosenberg Day for many years, by the fine heroic bronze statue acquired by popular subscription and placed in front of the Rosenberg Library in 1906, and by the care our people take to impress "their children and their children's children" with respect and gratitude to "Our Benefactor." The Rosenberg Library Board of Directors now deems it fitting to commemorate the public gifts and bequests of Henry Rosenberg by means of this volume. ~Rosenberg Memorial Book Committee (May,1918)

Poom Sunhachawi-Taylor
Rosenberg Library
Adult and Technical Services Manager

As published in the Wednesday, June 22, 2011 edition of Galveston County - The Daily News, p. B7

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