Friday, August 5, 2011

Library Paves the Way

With an innovative sidewalk repair solution, the Rosenberg Library is helping to pave the way to a greener Galveston.

In order to ensure a safe, level sidewalk and preserve vital tree roots while avoiding costly future repairs, a rubber sidewalk system, Terrewalks(TM), was installed in a section of sidewalk bordering Sealy Street.

Made of 100% recycled tires by California based and woman owned Rubbersidewalks Inc. Terrewalks(TM) interlocking modular tiles with a concrete look -courtesy of organic colorants- blend seamlessly with the library's traditional concrete sidewalk sections. ADA compliant and exceeding both ADA and OSHA wet and dry non-skid ratings, Galveston's first Terrewalks(TM) was installed by Alex Gonzalez of Creative Combinations, Inc. Working with an arborist, Gonzalez's crew brought roots and rubber together in an optimal balance.

Featured in an August 2006 story on NPR, Rubbersidewalks, Inc. was initially tested in 60 cities nationwide. Since that time, municipalities, engineers, architects, and a myriad of organizations report exceeded expectations and Terrewalks(TM) has received acclaim in publications ranging from professional and governmental journals to The USA Today and BusinessWeek.

The Galveston Daily News ran an article on the rubber sidewalk project and featured a picture of the actual installation process. The Library is the first entity in Galveston to utilize rubber sidewalks as a way to enhance safety, preserve precious trees and ensure a long-term economically viable solution to the issue of buckling sidewalks.

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